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Dr. Jane Lawrence-Dewar

Dr. Lawrence-Dewar is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba where she completed her B.Sc. (University of Winnipeg, Biology) and Ph.D. (University of Manitoba, Physiology).  Following her graduate training, Jane pursued warmer weather and postdoctoral training at Stanford University.  She returned home to expand her research to visuomotor control and adaptation at the University of Manitoba (Psychology) as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.  In 2012, Jane joined the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute as a Scientist and has adjunct affiliations in the Departments of Biology, Health Sciences and the school of Kinesiology at Lakehead University as well as the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. She is also an Assistant Professor with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Medical Sciences Division).

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Andréa Hantjis - Research Coordinator

Andréa joined the lab in 2012 as an undergraduate (Biology, Lakehead University) conducting her thesis research related to visuomotor adaptation. Her Master's thesis, completed in January 2016 extended this work to a fMRI study.  Andrea is currently working in the lab as the Research Coordinator for the Thunder Bay site of the Ontario Neurodegenative Disease Research Initiative (ONDRI) study.

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Muskaan Sachdeva - Undergraduate Thesis Student

Muskaan is working towards a BSc in Health Sciences at McMaster University. Her undergraduate thesis project will examine the relationship between brain structure (measures of cortical thickness) and functional responses in areas associated with mirror system responses.

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Trista Dube - Volunteer Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Kylee Kutcha - Volunteer Undergraduate Research Assistant



Shayna Parker - Research Assistant (2012) and Masters Student (Health Sciences, 2013- 2015). 

Shayna is a successful awardee of an Ontario Brain Institute Entrepreneur Fellowship 

Maria Kisselgoff - Undergraduate research assistant (2016)

Iggy Osmulski - Undergraduate research assistant (2016)

Andrea Pepe - Undergraduate research assistant (2013-2015) and Honor's Thesis student (2015-2016)

Currently a Masters Student at Carleton University

Finn Macdonald - High school volunteer (2016)

Anastasia Macdonald - High school summer research assistant (2015)

Ben Neilipovitz - Undergraduate volunteer research assistant (2015)

Beatrice Kaiser - Undergraduate volunteer research assistant (2015)

Jon Neilipovitz - Undergraduate volunteer research assistant (2014 - 2015)

Olena Kourko - Undergraduate volunteer research assistant (2013- 2015)

Currently a Masters Student at Queen's University

Statton Eade -  Undergraduate volunteer research assistant (2013- 2015)

Currently a Masters Student at Lakehead University

Fiona Mcdonald - High school summer research assistant (2014)

Windyam Zongo - Industrial engineering and computer science exchange student from Polytech Marseille, France (2013)